Hall of Eagles

The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 2 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912. Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting—citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness—remain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.

We are honored to list the following men from Troop 811 who earned the Eagle Scout rank.

1Randy Gamboa1984-April 14
2Kevin Brennen1987-July 12
3Joseph Reilly1990-April 22
4Brian Smith1991-March 24
5Justin Curley1991-September 29
6Brent Smith1992-October 18
7Steve Insalaco1993-January 10
8Pete Mikolaitis1993-November 7
9Brian Mochon1994-May 1
10Huby Schroeder1995-May 21
11Kirk Reimer1995-June 21
12Trey Patterson1995-August 6
13Alex Blance1995-September 10
14Brian Brennan1995-September 28
15Nick Collier1996-May 23
16Brian Kilcoyne1996-August 27
17Sean Murphy1996-December 18
18Brent Reimer1997-November 28
19Mike Ditota1998-April 19
20Tim Inman1998-October 15
21Travis Kasper1999-April 12
22Matt Graves1999-May 18
23Dave Inman1999-October 29
24Stephen Quan2000-December 12
25Bill Segletes2001-July 17
26Kenny Ludington2002-January 17
27Ben Caulum2002-May 22
28Thomas Humble2002-August 15
29Joshua Insalaco2003-January 21
30Brian Henry2003-July 19
31Scott Graves2003-September 29
32Mike Knobbe2004-June 30
33Michael Jitosho2004-July 19
34Nick Booth2005-May 31
35Danny Ruegg2005-October 2
36Joey Kerhin2005-November 9
37Alex Trott2005-November 15
38Troy Vander Hulst2006-January 24
39Thomas McDaniel2006-January 24
40Charlie Kerhin2006-January 29
41A.J. Graves2006-February 11
42Ricky Finnie2006-March 2
43Abraham Telado2006-March 16
44Jeffrey Janeway2006-April 6
45Nate Caulum2006-April 20
46Bryan Fuhrman2006-September 7
47Michael Martin2006-October 19
48Ryan Blake2006-October 19
49John Arnold2006-December 7
50Matthew Harlow2006-December 7
51Kevin O’Donnell2007-July 19
52Jeffrey Schultz2008-May
53Andy Hutcherson2008-November 20
54Cody Witcher2009-April 2
55David Sabbagh2009-September
56Brian Laverty2009-October 1
57Chris Jarnutowski2009-October 5
58Vincent Masucci2010-May 6
59Brandon Witte2010-May 20
60Christian Frymuth2010-May
61Andrew Kim2010-May
62Alex Nguyen2010-May
63Tyler Patterson2010-May
64Nate Lansley2010-October
65Matthew Spolsky2010-October
66Nick Walters2011-June 16
67Anthony Nguyen2011-September
68Anthony Walburn2011-November 24
69Bobby Hyla2012-March 15
70Michael Ng2012-June 21
71Cale Spolsky2012-October 12
72Andrew Nguyen2013-February 21
73Stephen Shatynski2013-October 3
74Andrew Ng2013-November 21
75Danny Bovard2013-December 19
76Alex Josten2014-August 7
77Wesley Walburn2014-September-4
78Stephen Ruegg2014-October-2
79Adam Pacheco2015-February-5
80Christopher Glasgow2015-August-20
81Theo Pommier2015-September-3
82Bradley Gialamas2016-May-24
83Matthew Fraijo2016-June-10
84Karan Bhatt2017-August-3
85Hunter Elsenpeter2017-December-3
86Joey Jang2018-February-15
87Aaron Fierros2018-March-1
88Alex Apodaca2018-January-18
89Stephen Gialamas2018-January-18
90Bryce Tsuyuki2018-February-1
91Alex Swanson 2018-December-20
92William Beard2019-February-21
93Nick Lising2019-September-9
94Matthew Remley2019-December-8
95Mikal Quesada2020-January-16
96Grant Elsenpeter2020-March-14
97Matthew Di Mario2020-May-6
98Braden Hinz2020-May-7
99Ethan De Los Rios2020-June-4
100John Root2020-June-10