Get Your Lassos Ready for Camporee 2015

Posted by on March 30, 2015
Howdy Scouts,
Camporee will be on April 24-26 2015 at Firestone Scout Reservation. Camporee is an annual camp competition for all the troops in the Portola District. It is available for all Troop 811 scouts and adults that have completed the YPT training. It costs $38 for the registration and food for the weekend. Mr. Glasgow would like every scout to participate. The more people we have, the more opportunities we have to win awards. This campout shows how organized and awesome we are.  The best part is that the adults cook for us on this outing!
You should bring your:
1) Class B uniforms (Please wear your Class A to and from camp)
2) handbooks
3) sleep gear:  sleeping bag, mats, pillows
4) Water bottle and day pack
5)  chair
6) jacket and beanies
7) Mess kit
8) Ten essentials
9) Toiletries
10) Misc. Items
*Remember that electronic devices are not permitted at campouts*
The Camp Events are:
Troop contests
1)  Best Gateway
2)  Best Campsite
Patrol contests
1) Map reading
2) knot tying
3) compass course
4) rifle shooting
5) team ski race
6) blindfold mine field
7) blindfold tent set up
8) Patrol yell
9) giant clove hitch
Please sign up at the meetings or at the Clipboard here:



Yours in Scouting,

Webmaster Matthew R.

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