City of Brea – Mayor’s Youth Award Announced

Posted by on June 7, 2011

Mayor’s Youth Award

What’s It All About?
As a high school student in Brea, you have a special opportunity to make an impact in our community while receiving recognition for your efforts. The Mayor’s Youth Community Service Award will be presented to graduating Seniors who have worked to make a difference in the Brea community by volunteering throughout their high school years. Through volunteer service, you will be upholding a longtime Brea tradition that has helped build homes, schools, parks and inspired programs, services and celebrations. You’ll use your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help make Brea even better! Not only is volunteering an experience you will cherish, it also provides valuable on-the-job training, exposure to the business world and skills that can help you as you enter the job market or college. During your high school years, you can earn special honors at graduation and receive a letter of recognition from the Mayor for volunteering your time and talents. These can be helpful for college admission requirements and job searches. But even more important is the reward of knowing you have made a real difference in your community.

For more information, criteria for the award and the application process, please visit:

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