Snow Sport Day

Posted by on January 8, 2015


The previously scheduled Snow Sport Merit Badge Weekend at FLSR has been CANCELLED.  We were not able to book the weekend soon enough and all of the lodges were filled.

However, we have decided to take advantage of the long weekend by having a Snow Sport Day at Snow Valley on Saturday, January 17, 2015 instead.  We will leave from Hugo Hall at 6 am and return around 7 pm.

Scouts will be able to ski and snowboard during during the day.  They can either bring their own equipment or rent them at the ski lodge once we arrive there.  Any scout who would like to go but does not want to participate in the snow sports are welcome to attend.  Mr. Lising will be taking them to an area where they can build snow forts and possibly an igloo.

We encourage everyone to bring their daypacks with water, snacks, and money.  Bag lunches are strongly encourage in case we are too far away from the lodge to eat.  Dress warmly and bring gloves.

The cost of the ski/snowboard rentals is around $30 and helmet is $6.  Lift tickets are $30 for those under 12 y.o.,  $59 for those 12-21 y.o, and $69 for those over 21.  The cost of transportation is $12.


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