Troop 811 Shines at Camporee

Posted by on April 25, 2016


For the second year in a row, Troop 811 was honored with the top troop award at Camporee. This coveted award is given to the troop that performs exceptionally well at the Camporee events, creates a safe and highly functional campsite, and shows exceptional scout spirit. It was hard enough to be honored with this award once, but our troop has done it again.

In addition to being named top troop, we were given a special Commissioner’s award for demonstrating exemplary scout spirit. The awards did not stop there. Our Campsite was made the best campsite at Camporee, and our gateway was given a second place award in the gateway competition.

All of our patrols did exceptionally well also. The Purple Flaming Penguins received first place in the catapult event, first place in the slingshot event, and second place in Height and Distance. The Viper Patrol received third place in the map and compass event. The Delta Force Patrol received first place in Archery, first place in Flag Raising, and first place in Lifeboat. The Atomic Rockets received the first place award for compass legends. In addition to excelling in the competitions, all four patrols received special recognition for competing in each and every event.

At the closing campfire, the Viper Patrol and Delta Force entertained the crowd with their renditions of “If I Weren’t a Boy Scout” and “Alligator”. The patrols recreated their performances for parents upon their return from camp. You can see one of these performances below.

None of this would have been possible without the great leadership demonstrated by our SPL Hunter and our ASPLs and Patrol Leaders.  Great job Troop 811!

















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