Scout Knots and Lashings

Knots and Lashings are a very big part of scouts. Our troop has a good reputation of knowing their pioneering skills. We won the gateway award at Camporee two years in a row, and we want to continue that record. To learn more about pioneering, we strongly suggest taking the Pioneering merit badge. There are also some very reliable sites and videos you can find below.

Knots Every Scout Should Know

Here are some knots and lashings you will need to know for scouts. You can try these knots as the video walks you through. For detailed videos of these and many other scout knots, you can also visit the Grog Animated Knots Website.  (Special thanks to Marylyn and the Kid’s Valley Book Club for this link!)
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Red Rope Challenge

Those who wear the red rope have mastered fourteen knots in under a minute.  Click here for the Red Rope Challenge.

Basic Lashings

Click each image to see how to tie each lashing.

diagonal_lashing    round_lashing

square_lashing    tripod_lashing

Projects you can do with Lashings

Once you have learned your lashings, there are many camp improvements you can build! You can build gateways, towers, camp gadgets, and many other useful tools. Click on the links below for some ideas:

Scout Pioneering (Website)

Scout Engineering (PDF)